Studio Dorothea Ney

I am an abstract expressionist painter in NM working with acrylics, oil colors and crayons on canvas and like to paint in groups of several paintings exploring one theme.

My current paintings weave together the softer colors and light from my home in Germany with the wilder, bolder colors and the intense light in NM where I live now.

Both opposites feed into my work creating imaginary landscapes.

In the dialogue between my soul and the canvas I translate the beauty and the energetics of the natural world into an abstract composition of color and movement.

Light flows and moves through shifting pastel color fields over the canvas, boundaries of form are dissolved.

Dorothea Ney’s abstract paintings present themselves as a playful symphony of colors and movement.

Thanks to her travels and different living conditions she has learned to blend the different experiences into her own abstract expressionist style.


BA at the Academy of Fine Arts, Bremen, DE.
Her works are in private collections in Germany, Estonia and the US.

2023 / Group shows
“Joy”, Encaustic Art Institute, Cerrillos, NM
“Exhibizone Grand Prize”

“The Sky Above”
“Flow”, Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art
“Connections”, HMVC gallery, NY
“Wax-On-Wax-In”, Encaustic Art Institute
“Vibrant Landscapes”, Red Bluff Art Gallery
“Movement and Energy”, Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art
“Summer of ’24”, HMVC Gallery, NY
“The Alchemy of Light”, Nuu Muse Gallery/ Artsy

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